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Rebloggable by request

Isn’t it interesting that so many people’s first priority when it comes to equality is violence against women?

It really shows you what’s on men’s minds as far as equality goes.

What this really shows you though is how violent patriarchal masculinity is and how it manifests itself into the lives of men.

It’s so scary because this is one of the top responses I get from men regarding feminism and equality between men and women.

Like…they want to be able to beat up a woman without going to jail for it. They want to be able to force a woman to have sex with them without, and I quote, “Having her cry rape every single time and getting people thrown in prison”.

Like this is what you consider equality? You want us to be equal so you can be openly abusive without reproach?

That’s fucked up on so many levels I can’t even…

all fucking this.

Why, why, WHY is this your first question?

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